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About EF

About EF


EF – Explore Further

My name is Bradley Westwood. I’m a professional photographer & huge lover of the outdoors. I know people say that, but I’m gifted with a hyperactive admiration for Nature, so I’ve got some spare to share. My family & I live in Calimesa California, my wife Faith, daughter Alyssa and our 2 pups, Wilee & Bella. We live a simple country life on a little slice of property. Outside of our home, our happy place is anywhere unplugged, outdoors & with our Black Series Camper. It’s a lifestyle where we seek refuge & balance from this hectic world. A break from screens, a disconnect from devices & a pause from this fast-paced modern world. Lord knows, we can ALL use more time spent in Nature. So, we capture any opportunity we have to explore & find new adventures.


I started Explore Further & my photography journey to help inspire a deeper, stronger connection with Nature & Wildlife. I believe the width & depth of this connection has a direct impact on the level at which we go to protect it. We need more people Exploring Further, going above & beyond to keep our wild world beautiful & pristine. More people practicing Leave No Trace ethics & striving to always leave this world a little better than before. To me, this is more than just photography or a brand, it’s about inspiring a better Nature, our better Nature. These are the messages & stories I choose to capture & share with my lens.


I am a Nature First Photographer & raising funds & awareness for great causes is an important part of my photography. 10% + of everything I do (Photography, prints, apparel etc.) is donated to helping Wildlife & Nature Conservation. If you’ve read this far, I appreciate your willingness to get to know me & the passion behind my photography. I look forward to Exploring Further with you.

Bradley Westwood

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