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Outside is our best side & we are here to inspire, explore & protect it. Through our brand & partners, we’re on a mission to get the EF out there & leave it a little better along the way. It’s a beautiful world out there and we should all be inspired and encouraged to see more of it.  But here lies the problem. The great outdoors isn’t being treated so great. Unfortunately, we live in a time that has seemed to forget the basics about kindness and compassion for nature (including each other for that matter). Many have lost sight of basic manners, respect and etiquette. Even just simple common sense seems absent these days. Perhaps some were never taught. In our current climate and global situation, we have turned to nature to meet our personal and social needs, but are failing to reciprocate the needs of the environment. Respect, appreciation, responsibility and accountability. 

I understand that you and any others reading this, very likely feel the same way and share the same love, appreciation and respect for nature. So, talking with you and not at you here. We are all likeminded here and share a common love for the wilderness and healthy outdoor experiences.

So, with that being said, here is the important ask… Along your outdoor ventures, please help promote the message of just being better outdoors. Yes, that can mean a variation of things. More mindful while outdoors. Leaving no trace wherever we journey. Treading lightly. Exploring, not exploiting. Leaving places better than we found them. Following rules and understanding outdoor etiquette. Sharing those stories and encouraging those practices to promote better outdoor expectations. Maybe we are missing something here, but we just don’t see enough of this message. 

It’s a wonderful thing that more people are venturing outdoors these days, but not so great when these places are disrespected and treated carelessly. Again, I know those of you reading this do not fall into that category, but helping inspire this message of wellness for the wilderness is paramount, today more than ever. This means taking extra steps on our end to keep these places preserved, clean and our ecological footprints minimal. The voice and example of an environmentally mindful community can be a loud and powerful one. We can make a difference and help these places stay beautiful & stay accessible. 

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has” -Margaret Mead

So here we go, a warm outdoorsy welcome to my adventure journal and some outdoor experiences through our lens. I am not a professional writer (hopefully that grants some grace from the grammar police folks) I’m a normal guy who just loves adventure, nature and the great outdoors with a passion. An adventurer who happened to squeak past enough English classes to proficiently share my stories and experiences in journal form. What I may lack in writing ability, I aim to make up for in personal experience, first hand knowledge and enthusiasm.

The thrill of exploration and the outdoors has always held a very special place in my heart. As far back as I can remember, I’ve had a deeply rooted passion for adventure, exploration and travel.  I am equally as passionate about taking care of the places we visit, in every way possible. It’s something I was always taught growing up. Personally, I find an incredible solitude and connection when I’m in nature. It’s beauty and mystique draw me in. It’s calmness provides natural therapy. It makes bad days better. Our connection within nature provides us with so many benefits: physically, emotionally and spiritually. Nature teaches us how to live a fulfilling life and provides so many positive and healthy rewards. I have learned more about life and myself outdoors than I ever could in a textbook. We’re just here to share some stories, enjoy some wholesome adventures & leave the world a little better than we found it. 

“The Earth is what we all have in common”

-Wendell Berry

One last thing I would like to add before you go. For some, maybe you have a good amount of outdoor experience, others might not. I will do my best to write in a format that covers all levels of experience. It’s important to outline a few precautions and suggestions to make your trips the most enjoyable. Some of these I have learned the hard way. Geographically, most of these locations are spread out all over Southern and Central California, from deserts to mountains to flood basins. It’s important to always be very prepared, weather can shift and change in the matter of minutes. Always look ahead at the weather forecast and then prepare for the opposite, especially if you plan on camping overnight. In the mountain areas, it can be a perfect 75 degrees during the day, then dip below freezing as soon as the sun sets. I will include as much weather information in each write up, at least a basic expectation. Two important items, bring plenty of food and even more water. I always overpack in these two areas, I’d much rather have more than not enough. Much of how you prepare will depend if you plan to be out for the day or overnight. Use your best judgement and pack accordingly. Each location has it’s own set of rules and location regulations. One area may allow campfires with a permit, another it’s strictly prohibited. Be observant and respectful of all local rules and regulations. Always Leave No Trace. I will provide as much current “rule and regulation” information as possible in each of the posts or at least links that are helpful. Let someone know where you are going and when you will be returning. In the event, heaven forbid, something goes wrong, someone knows your location and when to start getting worried. 

Adventure Awaits!


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